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About Us

About Us

Pioneers for Mining Investment (PMI) is a premier Jordanian enterprise headquartered in Amman, renowned for its leadership in the mining and construction sectors. Our comprehensive suite of services spans the entire mining lifecycle, encompassing geological and geophysical studies, economic feasibility analysis, and the full spectrum of mining operations, including drilling, blasting, quarrying, loading, transportation, and mineral processing. 

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of the mining industry, continually seeking advancements to enhance our operations. Our team is our greatest asset; composed of highly skilled, trained, and professional individuals, each member brings a wealth of expertise to the excavation and extraction of the earth’s valuable resources. 

Beyond mining, we established a formidable reputation in the field of engineering and construction. With extensive experience in a variety of civil engineering projects, our portfolio includes the successful construction of roads, dams, and other significant infrastructural works. 



To be a global leader in sustainable resource extraction and development, recognized for our innovative mining practices and commitment to building a better future. 


To unlock the Earth's valuable resources responsibly, leveraging our expertise and innovation to deliver exceptional mining and construction solutions for a thriving world. 

Pioneer For Mining Investment Co. LTD.

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