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Water Well Drilling


Performance, reliability, and tool longevity stand as paramount considerations in water well drill tooling procurement. PMI's DTH Hammers and Drill Bits are meticulously crafted from premium-grade alloy steels to precise tolerances, ensuring peak performance and extended tool life. Our patented tool designs deliver unparalleled energy efficiency and productivity rates, catering to the needs of today's production-oriented contractors. With a stellar reputation built over years of exceptional service, PMI is recognized as a leader in providing top-tier drilling products to the global water well industry.

Access to clean water is essential for all communities. Water well drilling serves as a vital means of delivering fresh water to areas lacking access to running water. PMI has supplied drilling tools utilized in water well projects across the globe.

Water wells are typically drilled using conventional rotary or percussion drilling equipment after setting surface casing. Drillers advance the drill string into stable ground formations until reaching a geological formation containing or conducting groundwater. Cased holes are then drilled into the water table, followed by the installation of a pump to extract fresh water from the ground.

PMI offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions to support effective water well drilling operations. From water well drilling equipment to custom drilling tools, PMI provides the tools and expertise necessary for successful water well projects.

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